A.B., Doctor – San Francisco & Orinda

“One word says it all: ‘Effective!’ Danita helped me in 2 sales, 1 purchase and, eventually, referred me to an amazing agent in the area I eventually moved to with my wife and child. Not only was she above-average in every way throughout each transaction, but she, also, interviewed numerous agents, at great length, until she found the right fit for us in the area where we now live. It is rare to find someone this talented and who brings so much quality, care, education and discretion into your world. I moved here from another country that prides itself on service, and she went above and beyond that.”

R.N., Investor & Contractor – San Francisco & Sonoma

“When Danita asked me to write up a paragraph about her as an agent, I thought, ‘Where to begin…’ . She’s been my agent for about 30 years now, and has found me some of THE best properties I’ve ever owned! She’s direct, no-nonsense (yet fun), respectful, focused and excellent at simplifying things so that I understand what’s going on at each level of the marketing and the transactions. She knows how to delegate, follow through and keep her promises. She treats my tenants like gold, and they are always happier with her than they generally are with me! She is good at making transitions easy, as you step from one property to the next in, say, a 1031 exchange, or just simply selling and buying something. The professionals she knows, recommends and then oversees are exemplary and provide me the same above-average service that she does. A bunch of highly-skilled ‘worker bees’, one and all! She’s excellent with people, listens to them, offers well-rounded knowledge that’s useful and practical, and then she helps you understand the present situation along with next steps. I always learn something when I talk to her. She stays on top of things going on around her, in a multi-level fashion, has great connections, and other agents really respect her too. That alone counts for so much!!!! Agents WANT to bring their buyers to her listings, and then WANT her and her clients in a contract with their clients. All in all, I just couldn’t be happier. She’s my agent for life … and, over the years, has become my friend too. I send her everyone I can, as I want them to have that same great care and experience that she provides me.”

J.G. & L.G., Doctor & Artist

“We have purchased 7 homes and sold 5, all with different realtors. The most recent purchase was in 2013 with Danita Kulp as our representative. She was, by far, the most knowledgeable and helpful agent we have ever worked with. In addition, she is warm and very communicative. She successfully guided us through a very competitive and quick transaction. Fortunately, we followed all of her advice and insights, without which we would almost certainly be living elsewhere. We would definitely choose her again for our next real estate transaction.”

D.S., Nurse

“I have known Danita Kulp for 20 years. I first met Danita when I was trying to figure out the complicated process of buying a house in San Francisco. Danita reviewed what I needed to do for buying a home, using the Mayor’s Office of Housing program. We set up a plan and I followed through on all of her words of wisdom and suggestions, along with taking various courses with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of San Francisco (CCCSF), including their First Time Home Buyers course, several times. After we started our discussions about my goals, Danita kept in contact with me over the next four years as I saved for a down payment and improved my credit score to excellent. When a home came up in the neighborhood I was looking at, all the tips and work Danita had helped me with made me an ideal buyer and I was able to purchase the home I wanted. Without Danita’s professional experience, and ability to simplify and explain the complicated home buying process, I don’t know how I would have been able to buy my house 16 years ago as a single parent on a budget. I had such a positive experience with Danita I referred my sister when she was looking for a home and then, years later, sold. Danita helped her with both transactions. I’ve, also, referred her several neighbors in the apartment building I lived in previously and multiple friends over the years. All of these people have, also, then referred friends to Danita and we have all been satisfied customers.”

B.G., Professor of Psychology & Sociology

“Danita earns her clients’ trust daily — by keeping her word. I’ve only met a few people who do that consistently. She is genuine, resilient, very focused (on my behalf), coordinates things smoothly and was extremely helpful to me, personally. Her ability to translate what’s going on within a purchase or a sale so that I understand it quickly is extraordinary. She has excellent communication and problem-solving skills, is realistic, practical, reliable, unique and truly authentic. One thing that really impressed me was her ability to interview agents outside the United States in order to find me 3 skilled, local agents that I could, then, interview myself and choose between. It was to sell a property for my mom’s estate, and everything went smoothly. I’ve never heard of an agent doing that for a client. She goes above and beyond with her care-taking skills. Plus, unbelievably, she’s able to remove the majority of the stress out of the transaction, add a bit of humor where appropriate, anticipate my needs ahead of time, and educate me sufficiently so that I’m actually enjoying myself. Didn’t think that possible in a stressful real estate transaction. Brava!!!”

T.B., Investor

“My ex (who was an architect & real estate agent) and I worked with Danita about 20 years ago when we sold the home we owned. She’s a great detail person and good with follow-through. I then hired her to help me find the home I now live in. Later, I hired her to help me sell a rental property with tenants. She handled every detail smoothly, kept my tenants happy, and, even now, is my go-to person for advice regarding all things real estate. She’s very good with marketing and with multiple offers, regardless of whether you are the buyer or the seller. I can’t recommend her enough! Also, she’s great with animals and very sensitive to their needs. I like that.”

M.W., Attorney

“I worked with Danita as a buyer and a seller. When I was a first-time buyer, she was enormously patient while I looked at a number of properties before I was ready to take the plunge. Her advice on bidding strategies helped me secure my dream condo in a very hot market. Years later (in another hot market), she helped me prepare my condo for what was, ultimately, a successful sale. She located a nice temporary rental for me, and recommended and coordinated stagers, packers, movers and contractors. She even found a place to donate my exercise equipment so it didn’t go to landfill! I felt she was worth every penny of her commission.”

C.C. & B.S., Psychiatrist and Human Resources – San Francisco & Santa Cruz

“We’ve used Danita’s services repeatedly, for buying and selling, as well as for consultation, for over 20 years. She’s never disappointed us. We’ve had some very complicated issues with selling and buying, and her knowledge of local statutes, market trends, as well as her negotiation skills have always gotten us to closure. Besides her incredible knowledge base, she also has worked extremely hard for us. Always available and never afraid to let us know what she is thinking. We can’t think of anybody else we’d rather work with and hope she never quits!”

R.K., Attorney

“I have known Danita for quite a few years, and she has helped me more than once with residential properties in San Francisco. She is experienced, hard-working, detail-oriented, determined and patient – didn’t give up on my very long quest for just the right condo in the city. She has done the same for family members, who have also been very happy with her representation.”

M.B. & B.B., Investors – San Francisco, East Bay & Marin

“Where to begin…Looking for a super organized real estate agent? I highly recommend Danita Kulp for both buyers and sellers. She has been such a help over the years. She is truly the REAL in all Real Estate needs. Her communication skills are excellent! We always know where the deal stands. And she is much more! She found answers for our tenant-related issues. She had great recommendations for financing, and guided us through the loan nightmares and 1031 exchanges. She even helped find a home for the tenant with the room full of chinchillas he was breeding. We are so thankful to have found such a knowledgeable and considerate agent.

J.S. & H.Y., Professor & Retired

“We met Danita about 25 years ago when we were buying our first home. A tenant lived at the property and had about 12 cats. We ourselves had several, so we loved that this woman was caring for and fixing abandoned cats in a neighborhood filled with college-aged tenants. Danita helped us write a fabulous letter to the owner and his agent, which she then hand-delivered to Danville so she could meet them in person, and her extra efforts got us the house. We made friends with the tenant and helped her catch 2 of her cats so they too could move with her to Napa, and so that we could move in. Everyone was happy, and we remained friends with the tenant! Since then, Danita helped one of our relatives sell her home, AND we refer her to everyone we can. She took great care of us and we loved it! We include her in all our parties. She’s very sociable and our friends and relatives really enjoy her. We really appreciate Danita for her thoroughness, attention to detail, integrity, extensive knowledge, and hard work. She is so dedicated and excellent at what she does. Everyone we’ve recommended her to who’s worked with her has had a great experience and loves her too.”

G.K. (& M.K.), Engineer & Mother of three – East Bay:

“Danita helped us sell our condo at a time when the market had stalled. She brought creativity, energy & a well thought out approach to advertising & presenting our property.  We were cared for professionally & personally.  Danita understood the challenges & nuances of selling one’s home; often anticipating a need before we did.  Years of experience, a deep knowledge of the Bay Area market, resources to meet any need, and a love of connecting the right buyer with the right property.  Danita brings it all.”

B.B., Jazz Musician & Cabaret Cab – San Francisco & Peninsula:

“Danita pays a lot of attention to detail, and leaves no stone unturned. ‘Pieces,’ she says, ‘it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You gotta get all the pieces in the right place to finish the deal.’  So she’s the great piece-assembler.  Peace, out!”

M.V. (& J.V.), Retired Nurse & Engineer:

“Danita has been our agent twice in the past 10 years. She is extremely knowledgeable about all the myriad details involved in real estate transactions in San Francisco, which smooths the way for the client. She listened carefully to our needs and what we could afford and only showed us condos in our price range.  She is full of energy and has a great sense of humor.  Just a very nice person who is easy to work with.  My husband and I highly recommend her!”

K.W., Technical Writer:

“What a dynamic, unquenchable personality!  She has massive energy which she applies to getting your place sold for the very best price.  Danita recently sold my parents’ home, which was in a sad state of repair.  She assessed the place (warts and all) and arranged for the right people to fix the right things, converted parts of the house to uses I’d never imagined, got the landscaping arranged and a patio built.  Moreover, her cleaning crew, painters and stagers were brilliant.  Best of all, she managed to get it sold before the dreaded ‘winter lull’ when nobody buys or sells.  Brava, Danita.  You definitely have my appreciation for understanding the market and getting the job done with dispatch.  A+++++++”

L.L. (& D.), El Cerrito – Librarian & Landscaper:

“Danita just made it possible for us to buy our first home.  I truly don’t think we would have succeeded without her particular blend of all-around service, knowledge, persistence, and devastatingly effective negotiation skills.  She listened to our needs, educated us to our choices in and around SF, personally took us on our home tours and then, based on our feedback, guided us to a location that we absolutely love (and away from some houses that would have been poorer investments.)  I hadn’t realized agents still existed who cared so much.  She protected our security and privacy, and oversaw every single step (including lender, title co. & inspectors).  Danita negotiated strongly & won (3 times!!!) for us prior to closing.  Her knowledge of the Bay Area market helped us quickly find a house we love that was within our reach.  From our first call to her to closing was accomplished in less than 3-and-a-half months!  Amazingly effective in all respects, including follow-through.  She explained every single step, left us with fantastic documentation, always responded immediately and always had time for our questions, and helped us make our own best choices without pressure.  Danita uses all the modern tools, but what makes her so special is her soft skills and the priceless knowledge and wisdom regarding Bay Area real estate she has gained through experience.”

C.S. (& E.M.), Petaluma, CA, Fine Arts & Engineer:

“Danita is a super agent! First of all she is incredibly knowledgeable about every last detail of real estate.  My husband and I knew basically nothing about the process and Danita did a fabulous job of coaching us from beginning to end.  She has a tremendous grasp of the entire bay area market which was incredibly helpful to us since we had no idea of where to even start looking.  She got to know our family in a very personal and thoughtful way and was able to guide us out of the abyss of first-time-buyer fear and indecision.  She worked tirelessly to find the right house, which included tons of driving all over the area.  She is also a tough and tenacious negotiator — you definitely want her in your corner when the deal is going down.  She kept probing to the very end and was able to identify (and remedy) a glitch that we would have probably overlooked.  Thanks to Danita, I am now sitting in my lovely new home.  I can’t recommend her enough!”

L.M. (& S.), Consultant & Engineer:

“Danita came highly recommended to me by a neighbor who claimed Danita was far and away the BEST agent ever.  My neighbor was absolutely correct!

Danita isn’t just about selling you a house, she is about creating a relationship and I really appreciated that.  As a first-time home buyer, it was critical to have Danita as a partner.  She was super available and listened carefully to our needs, picking up on little things through our house search.  The San Francisco housing market is difficult and fast moving; you need someone like Danita – no, you need Danita – to help you navigate it successfully.  Her intuitiveness, knowledge of the bay area real estate market and relationships with fellow agents is invaluable.

Once the house was found, that’s when Danita’s expertise really shined. With 20 offers on the table, I have to admit, we were worried.  It was Danita’s confidence, guidance and wisdom that sealed the deal.  We were elated to find we won the bid!

There is a lot to navigate during and after the purchase process and Danita helped with it all  – inspection, financing, contractors, etc.; she was great.  What was particularly impressive is, she would follow up to see how things were going.  It is important to her to ensure she was recommending quality people and that things are going well.  13 years later, Danita is still our go-to person for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING regarding our home.

If you’re looking for a top-notch real estate agent to help you with buying or selling your home, I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She’s not just a real estate agent for a single purchase/sale; she is a real estate agent for life.”