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Danita Kulp, Broker
Kulp & Company — Real Estate

August 2017 – Market Update:

Now is an excellent time for Buyers, as sales have slowed slightly during the 2017 Summer vacations. For Sellers, so long as your agent is highly skilled and your listing price competitively set (i.e., just below sales prices in your area), you increase your rate of success dramatically. It is highly recommended that all your listing marketing go through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) from the start, as this exposes your property to every potential buyer quickly.

The MLS is the main source for the information you see when you search through data engines such as Trulia, Zillow, etc. (As an fyi, the most recommended and most reliable data search engine is It is important to know that your real estate agent, when looking at his or her version of the MLS, sees easily twice as much information as you do online. That is because s/he is a member of the MLS and it is proprietary data. The public only sees the selected categories chosen by the MLS, for marketing purposes, on behalf of the agents they represent. So, if you like something or are curious about a property, ask your agent for help. They will do the oftentimes very detailed, time-consuming research needed to answer your questions completely.