Helpful Tools

  1. The preferred search engine by realtors for property:
  2. Mortgage Calculators:

    [For contact information to excellent, vetted lenders that we have used for years and with brick ‘n’ mortar locations, please ask us directly. You want to be personally introduced to your lender by your agent, so you are assured accountability and great service. We are not recommending on-line lenders, and nor do we recommend you just walk in the door of your bank and are assigned someone inside the front door. We have access to the actual loan departments of the banks (“the back door”), where full-time loan officers work. These links are just for convenience. We are not recommending one mortgage calculator over another.]

  3. Small Property Owners of San Francisco:
  4. San Francisco Rent Stabilization Board:
  5. San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing:
  6. San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency:
  7. San Francisco Assessor & County Recorder’s Office: – have your lot and block # handy.
  8. U.S. Postal Service: – to change your mailing address online.
  9. PG&E: – to change your PG&E billing, etc.
  10. National Call Registry (Federal Trade Commission) – register up to 3 phone numbers, stop telemarketers, opt out of marketing emails, register complaints, and understanding the rules.